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This Month: intimacy and empathy

For interested women

When social responsibility is part of your personal brand, everyone wins

Charity work is a win-win. The cause benefits and, on a personal level, this type of work brings great personal satisfaction. Beyond short term ... More

Empathy and self-reference

In The Empathy Era, Belinda Parmar argues in favour of a shift in business, suggesting that

... More

Amber Case on calm technology

Amber Case explores how humans and technology interact, believing that technology can - and should - "amplify our humanness": that is, help us connect with each other in truly ... More

Seven reasons why empathy makes you better in business

The 2003 documentary The Corporation infamously compared the profile of the contemporary profitable business corporation to that of a clinically diagnosed psychopath. Twenty years on, the ... More

Nine beautiful luxury sex toys

Made by artists & goldsmiths using the finest materials, these sex toys belong in a gallery

As sex toy designer Adele Brydges told Libertine about her ceramic collection (second image), "I wanted to design pieces that were beautiful in their own right." Here's our selection of intimate objects taking form and function in equal measure.

Crowned Jewels' titanium products (first image), designed and made in Britain, are put through rigorous quality testing. "Titanium is very hard metal to work in and it has taken all our combined jewellery and engineering skills to achieve the products we make today," says goldsmith and jewellery designer Victoria Jane, Crowned Jewels' Creative Director.

Coco De Mer's glass toys (third image) are handblown in England; Swedish brand LELO - famous for selling one of the most expensive vibrators in the world: a 24-karat gold plated vibrator that costs £9,000 - make sleek, sophisticated electronic products (fourth image).

Image 1: Crowned Jewels

From left to right: Mayfair dildo in titanium, £188. Buy here.
Upminster butt plug in titanium, £138. Buy here.
Sterling silver Ben Wa pleasure balls, £660. Buy here.

Image 2: Adele Brydges

Rose print small ceramic butt ... More

Designing scents for health

Smell is one of those words that’s a bit hard to take seriously. There’s something about it that risks the puerile, the silly. But taking it seriously, and urging others to do so, is what I’ve been doing with ode, a new product which uses scent to support people living with dementia. The behavioural changes associated with the condition often bring about a loss of hunger, a forgetfulness around food, or a lack of interest in meals. Ode emits food aromas from orange juice to Christmas cake into living rooms three times a day to reconnect people with eating and promote ... More


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