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  • Anniversary issue: Comedy

    We have a big birthday blowout with Jess Hynes, showcase the funny women of Vine while looking into the darker side of cyber comedy that is trolling. Want to know where Dorothy Parker and Charlie Chaplin liked to drink? It's all in there. As if that's not ... More

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  • Issue 3: Cities & Power

    Libertine video star Rachel Armstrong tells us about her plans for building a lifelike computer on a starship; Sue Baker wonders what will happen to driving in the city of the future; Caryn Franklin does power dressing; Virginia Postrel unpacks the power of glamour; Olivia Solon documents ... More

  • Issue 2: History

    Our summery history issue is absolutely packed with content for interested women (and men!). Among which: antique playing cards and the pleasures of solitaire, classic food, historical portraits, cryogenics as a faith system, the usefulness of latin, Georgian domesticity, how the internet affects our sense of history ... More

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  • Libertine’s launch issue: Space

    Our launch issue big read deals with the politics and philosophy of space travel, while our cover star Gillian Anderson talks brains, books and bots. Then there's columns on swearing, also manners, a powerful essay on self respect by the great Joan Didion, some stunning luxury photography, ... More