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Anais Rassat

Anais Rassat

Anais Rassat is a scientist interested in technology, innovation and science policy. She studies dark energy and dark matter with gravitational lensing and maps of galaxies using observations from the latest telescopes on earth and in space. She has been a member of the Euclid Space Telescope since its conception, a European project planned for launch in 2020, whose aim is to map the geometry of the dark universe.

Anais holds a PhD from University College London and previously worked in the astrophysics department of the French Atomic Energy Agency. She currently works at the Swiss Federal Institute for Technology in Lausanne. She is passionate about communicating science and wants to convince the general public and policy makers of the importance of funding blue-skies research. She writes a science blog for the Huffington Post and uses her personal blog "Dark Universe" as a way of pinning interesting articles she's reading. Her blogpost on 'Women in Science' was nominated for the 2012 EU European Commission Journalist Award. She is a TCK.; @anaisrassat


Because she's attempting to understand one of the greatest mysteries in modern astrophysics.

"I want to convince you of the importance of fundamental research for all of society."


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