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Kirsty McNeill

Kirsty McNeill

Kirsty McNeill is founder of strategy consultancy ThembaHQ, where she advises the Chief Executives and Senior Management Teams of some of the world’s leading campaigning organisations. She is a regular conference speaker and prolific public commentator on power and policy, having written for outlets including the Telegraph, the Observer and the New Statesman.

She spent three years at Number 10 leading on a wide range of campaign, communication and outreach activities for Prime Minister Gordon Brown. She is on the boards of the Holocaust Educational Trust and Holocaust Memorial Day Trust and sits on the Campaign Council of British Influence, the cross-party campaign to keep Britain in the EU.

Kirsty is part of the team behind ShouldWe, a new start-up providing non-partisan, online, crowd-sourced guides to public policy and evidence. She has coached and trained hundreds of people for positions of public leadership, including through the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders programme, and specialises in developing the female commentators, candidates and campaign strategists of the future.; @kirstyjmcneill


For giving us a cheat sheet to big political issues.

"I want to make the worlds of policy and politics accessible"


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