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Women of notes

Three inspirational women throw open their notebooks to give us a glimpse into their extraordinary lives

Nicola Hebson, taxidermist

Painter, jewellery maker and taxidermist Nicola, 23, describes her style as “surreal anthropomorphism”. She’s also a vegan, so tries to create an emotional connection between the viewer and each piece. Her personal favourite is Rat King, a play on Germanic folklore involving seven rats, connected by their tails, holding a piece of quartz crystal.

Angela Hartnett, chef

Michelin-starred chef and restaurateur Angela Hartnett’s Italian heritage continues to be her biggest source of inspiration. Well known for her television appearances, she was the first woman to run the restaurant at London’s Connaught, and is now sole owner at Murano in Mayfair. She was awarded an MBE in 2007.

Maggie Aderin-Pocock, scientist

Space scientist and science communicator Maggie, pictured here with daughter and travel companion Lauren, fell in love with space watching The Clangers as a child. “Curiosity is part of the human condition and when we stop using it we fade away, almost.” She’s got a great idea for a space-themed Big Brother series too.

Photography Helen Cathcart



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