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Where to unplug

Five places to go tech-free and connect with those around you

1. Notes Music & Coffee

31 St Martin’s Lane; 36 Wellington Street, London.
For coffee and tea served in handmade pots in a haven free from technological disruption. Take a book or strike up a conversation with a stranger.

2. La Petite Syrah

13 Rue Cassini, Nice. Closed Sun – Mon.
An oasis of impeccable manners. Ask for ‘un café s’il vous plaît’ and you’ll pay €4.25; rude customers omitting the ‘please’ are penalised with a surcharge of €2.75.

3. Four Barrel

375 Valencia., San Francisco
‘Laptop hobos’, as they’ve come to be known, are discouraged from this cafe via a lack of WiFi and plug outlets. A sign on the wall also warns against ‘annoying hipster talk’.

4. Bedivere Eatery & Tavern

Jeanne d’Arc Street, Beirut.
As their ‘socially forward’ policy dictates, surrender your phone and socialise with your fellow diners and you’ll be given a 10% discount.

5. Barn Roastery

Schönhauser Allee 8, 10119 Berlin
The owner of this Berlin coffeehouse is notorious for banning phone calls, ringtones and all ‘media’ (apart from newspapers). Also forbidden are prams and asking for extra milk.

Take a book or strike up a conversation with a stranger



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