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When social responsibility is part of your personal brand, everyone wins

Charity work is a win-win. The cause benefits and, on a personal level, this type of work brings great personal satisfaction. Beyond short term ... More

Empathy and self-reference

In The Empathy Era, Belinda Parmar argues in favour of a shift in business, suggesting that

... More

Amber Case on calm technology

Amber Case explores how humans and technology interact, believing that technology can - and should - "amplify our humanness": that is, help us connect with each other in truly ... More

Seven reasons why empathy makes you better in business

The 2003 documentary The Corporation infamously compared the profile of the contemporary profitable business corporation to that of a clinically diagnosed psychopath. Twenty years on, the ... More

Women, autism and intimacy

Challenging misconceptions about autism and empathy: two women with Autism Spectrum Disorder share their experiences

“Does sex matter?” asks Professor Simon Baron-Cohen of the Autism Research Centre, Cambridge. While this brings a smile, it's a question that relates to one of the hottest and relatively unknown topics of this decade. Is there a difference between female and male autism, and does this difference matter?

The quick answer is yes there is and yes it does. According to current research, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) affects one in 100 people (or one in 88 if you are in the USA), but what about the male to female ratio? There's no definitive answer to date, and the reason for this is the burning question on many clinician and researcher’s lips, and broadly the topic of my PhD.

Varying studies place the ... More

Intimate objects

When Durex launched their remote controlled vibrating device for couples in long distance relationships, the internet was amused. But they tapped into what designer and psychology MSc Cassie Robinson sees as potential for digitally-facilitated intimacy. These are devices that, in their most elegant forms (see Alex Deschamps Sonsino’s ‘Good Night Lamp’), allow two people to be aware of each other at a distance - the technological equivalent of a gentle touch on the arm.

Similarly, Intimate Objects and Intimacy Lab (both part of Open Source Sex) create a space ... More

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