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Ethics & advertising

Ethics & advertising

At Libertine, we believe that brands can (and many brands do) use their resources and influence to be a force for good in the world.

We want to connect our commercial partners to our community of smart, interested and affluent women. However, it’s important to us that those partners support our vision of a next generation media brand whose ad content speaks to women as intelligently as its editorial.

These values are one of the main reasons we started Libertine, and we’re excited by how much of the imagery and discourse around women’s ad content has changed in the short time we’ve been around. But there’s still a lot to do – so if your campaign imagery or brand messaging promotes unhealthy gender stereotypes, we won’t be able to run it.

We do, however, have an incredibly creative and resourceful team with considerable experience in brand strategy, design, digital content and marketing communications who would be delighted to work with you in getting it right.

Our advertising guidelines
  • All written or visual content produced in association with a brand or sponsor will be clearly labelled
  • All display advertising will be clearly labelled so it isn’t mistaken for editorial
  • In order to maintain integrity, advertising cannot influence editorial policy
  • Our editorial might feature branded products or services from time to time, but these will be strictly at our discretion and only products or services that we think are genuinely useful or interesting will be featured
  • Sponsored content that compromises our values will not be published
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