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Libertine is a 360° media and lifestyle brand for ambitious, intelligent and curious women that promotes substance above style.

Our editorial focus spans business, finance, politics, arts & media, technology, innovation, psychology and (pop) social sciences: anthropology, sociology, cultural studies. Our content is a combination of academic and glossy, a bridge between elegance and nerdery.

Want to write for us?

Bring positivity; bring curiosity; bring an opinion and a keen mind.

We want to read about the risk takers, the trailblazers, the conflicts and proposed solutions. We want to read something that challenges our assumptions and sets the synapses firing. Anything goes – political, social, cultural and aesthetic – as long as it’s interesting and enthusiastically conveyed.

Don’t take yourself too seriously. Analysis and factual writing should be conversational in tone; no long-winded arguments, insider jargon, narrow topics or excessively technical language. Be objective but be positive.

We’re highly unlikely to run a beauty piece. If we do, as with all other Libertine content, it will have an unconventional angle (for instance, there’s a theory that increased rail travel helped the bustle replace the crinoline skirt – bustles’ shape made it easier for women to get down the carriage aisles).

Opinion pieces should use data, anecdotes and wit to draw in readers. Big ideas should be made accessible to a wide audience (see above re: jargon). Support your ideas with reporting and/or research. Analyze, think critically, challenge prevailing or conventional wisdom. Fact-check. Twice.

Articles should be topical but not so locked to a time that they have no shelf life.

While we are pitching ourselves as a women’s media platform, much of the content will have a broad appeal. When writing about women of note the angle should be more than biological. So a crude example would be; we would run “How the female president of Iceland banned profiting from others’ nudity” but not “How Iceland got a female president.”

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