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For interested women
The elusive art of decision making

It was only recently that we stopped basing entire economic models on rational decision making, even though experience tells us people don’t behave that way.

In the ... More

Grey sells: rebranding social isolation

Jill Shaw Ruddock is all brisk efficiency ‒ a fast-talking American who doesn’t suffer fools. She shakes my hand and tells me that, because I’m ... More

A fragrant zodiac

Imagine a clock with no batteries and no mechanical parts. Instead, picture a mini Mexican wave of flowers opening sequentially around a circular bed to

... More

Designing for women’s pleasure

What makes a good sex toy?

It's such a subjective question. I'm a visual person, so for me a good sex toy is something that I ... More

School of hard knocks

The students at Kenya’s Boxgirls academy are an uppercut above the rest.

Analo – or ‘Priest’, as he’s affectionately known – set up the Boxgirls programme in 2007 after two girls came to the window of the Kariobangi social hall during an all-male boxing class and asked if he could teach them, too. Priest warmed to their enthusiasm and said yes on the spot. The impact of his training was immediate; as the girls grew stronger and happier, Priest resolved to broaden his outreach to the rest of the women in the community. He trained female coaches who then recruited girls to participate in weekly boxing sessions, which built their self-confidence and equipped them with vital self-defence skills.

Where gender stereotyping is rigid, and women are regularly denied access to leadership roles and ... More

Selling skincare without the stereotypes

It’s not every day a deodorant changes your life but, a few years ago, that’s exactly what happened to me. My daughter had reached an age when deodorant had become an essential item. I’d been a ‘stay at home Dad’ or ‘House Husband’ or ‘Home Hubby’ (pick generic term for the man who stays at home while his wife earns the money) for eight years helping to look after our children, Emily and William.

As a father, dealing with your daughter’s transition into womanhood is a ... More

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